Welcome to the Teton County Veteran Memorial

The Teton County Veteran Memorial committee has designed this memorial as a tribute to our veterans dedication and love of country.

Memorial Day 2017

The Teton County Veteran Memorial located in the American Legion Park in Fairfield, Montana, has a south facing entrance. The centerpiece of the memorial is a pentagon pedestal of black granite built on a star of concrete. The pentagon has the five emblems of the branches of the service installed. The star is toned in a gold tone within a dark grey pentagon. The walls are be 6 feet tall by 7 feet wide each holding 72 names. The walls are built in concrete, covered in granite tiles baring the names of servicemen and women from Teton County with their branch of service. The sculpture "Wings of Honor" cast life size in bronze has its place on the center pedestal.

As of May, 2017 we have the two front facing walls completed with veteran names. We are progressing with names on another wall. A decorative chain on twisted iron post has been install along with landscaping of bushes and lilies in front on the memorial. We are looking to add a sign and benches in the future.

If you are a veteran from Teton County or the surrounding communities of Augusta, Fort Shaw and Simms, we invite you to purchase a tile in your name. Anyone may purchase a tile in a veterans name to honor their service. The requirements are that the veteran has been honorably discharged and must have resided in these locations at some point during his or her life.

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